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If you are interested in exploring science and industry frontiers as well as the ever-changing environment within the trade industry, the Greater Ohio region will satisfy your needs. The region represents the home of 27 fortune 500 companies, a major startup industry and some of the world’s most prominent universities, Case Western Reserve University and Ohio State University.

Our local presence gives us a unique understanding of the market, which makes SACC-Greater Ohio Region a suitable partner in your business adventure in the Greater Ohio Region.

Invest in the Greater Ohio Region 

  • The economy of Ohio nominally would be the 20th largest global economy behind Switzerland and ahead of Belgium according to the 2009 World Bank projections
  • Ohio has 5 of the top 115 colleges in the nation, according to U.S. News and World Report’s 2010 rankings
  • Ohio is ranked second in CNBC’s 2010 study of state transportation systems for its infrastructure, vitality, quality  roads and ability to cost-effectively ship goods by land, air and water.
  • The Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council ranked  Ohio #10 for best business-friendly tax systems in their Business Tax Index 2009, including a top corporate tax and capital gains rate that were both ranked #6 at 1.9%
  • Ohio is the biggest manufacturer of plastics and rubber in the country and has the largest bioscience sector in the Midwest.
  • Ohio ranked fourth in the country for green economic growth through 2007.
  • Ohio was second only to Texas in having the most U.S. cities in the top 30 best places for new college graduates, according to BusinessWeek in 2010.
  • The state is recognized internationally as the “Fuel Cell Corridor”.

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