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Swedish delegation from SOS Alarm and YouCall

SOS Alarm is a public agency entirely owned by Sweden’s national, provincial, and municipal governments to strategically prepare and respond to emergencies and dispatch first responders. YouCall is a subsidiary to SOS Alarm and provides telephone services target to the public sector. The two companies is the foundation of Sweden’s first response to a natural hazards or human emergency.

The purpose of the trip was to allow the delegations to study new thinking and findings regarding services and techniques connected to CRM.


The focus was placed on the California market with a focus on companies within the field of health and crisis management. Included in the highlights of the trip was a highly interesting meeting at Stanford. A meeting with Emeritus Professor Stig Hagstrom, former Chancellor of Sweden’s universities, was arranged at Stanford. The meeting provided a historical perspective on innovation at Stanford and Silicon Valley by Sr. Researcher David Nordfors who spoke about innovative journalism’s lesson for public information.

The program put together by SACC-SF/SV was efficient and highly appreciated by the participants. Sven Rune Bergqvist, leader of the team, spoke for all when he concluded that “the focus of the visitors program was in line with the directions given to SACC and the visits were of the highest quality and added substantial value to our trip”.