Dear friends of SACC-SF/SV,
Last week was intense, inspiring, and incredible fun. Together with the participants of the SACC program Connecting Women, we visited Google, Slack, Facebook, Snowflake, Rockwell Automation, Apple, b8ta, Intel Corporation, Volvo Group, Kespry Drones, and 360lab. And we also got to meet the founders of Stilla and Blabla Foods.
We had lively discussions about the future of transportation, corporate culture, leadership, drones, venture capital, corporate values, how to find talents, pay-it-forward, diversity, and a lot of other things. 
SACC-SF-SV will offer the program Connecting Women again, for sure.
The string of bad news about WeWork is watched closely by Silicon Valley investors. At its peak, this Silicon Valley darling commanded a valuation of tens of billions of dollars and was compared to companies like Google and Facebook. And then it all came crashing down, in literally a handful of days. 

This week two significant events are taking place in San Francisco. TEDx San Francisco is a full day of live TED talks with inspirational speakers in the field of tech, science, philosophy, design, and entertainment. TC Disrupt is where the startup world gathers to see the present and the future of tech in one place. 

Margaretha Levander & Catrin Anckarman
Executive Director

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