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Please look for invitations to our upcoming events throughout the year:

  • May 2019 Event to celebrate Color and Comfort: Swedish Modern Design at Cleveland Museum of Art
  • August 2019 Crayfish party
  • October 2019 Visit a manufacturing company exporting goods to Sweden
  • December 2019 International Chambers of Commerce joint holiday event


43rd Cleveland International Film Festival

Mark your calendars to attend the 43rd Cleveland International Film Festival! TICKETS GO ON SALE FRIDAY, MARCH 8. See all the Scandinavian sponsored films listed below:

Swedish American Chamber of Commerce—Ohio
A FORTUNATE MAN:  Denmark 2018 | 167 Minutes
Director:  Bille August:  Danish Academy Award Winner

Seeking to reject his strict religious upbringing and fulfill his dreams, a pastor’s ambitious son hopes to wed into a wealthy Jewish family and find success in 19th century Copenhagen, in A FORTUNATE MAN, a sweeping romance from Danish Academy Award-winning filmmaker Bille August. The young Peter Sidenius (Esben Smed), a gifted hothead rebelling against his stifling childhood, sets sail for the industrialized world to become an engineer. He pursues his studies, rises to prominence, and quickly climbs the social ladder. But when he and alluring Jakobe Salomon (Katrine Greis-Rosenthal), a progressive intellectual, get engaged, his devout Lutheran family spurns his new life and Jewish fiancée. One of the most expensive Danish film productions ever, this heartbreaking epic, based on Dutch writer Henrik Pontoppidan's Nobel Prize-winning novel, features moving performances, dazzling cinematography, and sumptuous costume design and period detail.

Swedish Cultural Society
HEARTBOUND—A Different Kind of Love Story:  Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden 2018 | 90 Minutes
Director Janus Metz

In the small northern region of Jutland, Denmark, over 900 Thai women are married to Danish men, a trend that started 25 years ago when a former sex worker from Northeastern Thailand married a Jutland native and has since helped lonely local men and impoverished women from her village find someone to marry and share life with. Acclaimed filmmaker Janus Metz and his anthropologist wife, Sine Plambech, follow four of these Thai-Danish couples over ten years in an intimate chronicle that explores universal questions of love and romance, dreams and everyday hardship, life and death, and the very nature of family.

Nobel Monitor Lodge 130:  VASA
LAND OF GLASS [Landet Af Glas]:  Denmark 2018 | 88 Minutes
Directors:  Jeppe Vig Find + Marie Dalsgaard Ronn

Filmed over 10 years, the new documentary Heartbound: A Different Kind of Love Story – from Danish filmmakers Janus Metz (Borg vs McEnroe) and Sine Plambech (Trafficking) – is a remarkable chronicle of a kind of migration not usually given a positive spin, much less a cinematic spotlight: that of mail-order marriage. As we learn through the opening title cards, there were no Thai women in Denmark’s northern Thy district 25 years ago, yet now there are over 900. How this came about is from the efforts of the exceptionally motivated Sommai, who met her Danish husband-to-be, Niels, when he was on a single-man’s tour of Pattaya, Thailand’s “sex capital.” Despite the transactional nature of their initial introduction, they fell in love, married, and have been together ever since. All the while, Sommai has worked hard to rescue other impoverished Thai women from a life of desperation and prostitution by finding them Danish husbands of their own. And so, Thy became home to many Thai.

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